dogs similar in conformation to the 3 sizes of modern day poodles have been found throughout europe for at least four centuries.
These dogs were clipped to resemble lions and bear great resemblence to the poodle specimens of the first bench shows.german writings from the sixteenth century describe the pudel,which translates to splashing in water,as a fairly large,black water retrieval or fowl dog.

Poodle was also found throughout belgium and holland,where he was known as the poedel and used chiefly as a working dog.upon migrating west to france,poodles found a loyal following and were used extensively as fowl dogs.
Black black is the dominant colour regardless of what other colour it is put to.poodles carrying only genes for black(purely dominant for black) will pass on thier black colouring to thier offspring.if,however,they are not purely dominant for black and carry a recessive gene for another colour then a variety of colours can result.
It is the black poodle that is said to be the most perfect model of type.
white white colouring is caused by a pair of recessive genes.since it is purely recessive,white bred to white will always produce white.however,some breeders have found that white to white after several generations produces dogs with pink or brown points,with both of these colours being disallowed by the breed standard.
when you purchase a poodle you are taking into your homea marvelous new companion,one who is sure to delight and protect the entire family for many years.
The poodle temperament allows for a highly intelligent dog who is adaptable to any enviroment he/she might be placedin.
Picking out a healthy,attractive little baby to join your family circle is a different matter from picking a show dog.
The way to have a well mannered adult dog is to give him/her firm basic training while he/she is a puppy