They have a longish wedge shaped head, all have blue eyes, large ears and have a darker colour at the points, i.e. the head, ears, tail and legs.
Colours are very varied.The basic colours are seal, blue, chocolate and lilac.
There are also different body types - The Modern - which are longer limbed and sleek body and have almond shaped eyes and very large ears. The Traditional - which has a heavier body shape, thicker tail, rounder, shorter head and rounder eyes. The Classic - which is somewhere in between.
They are extremely intelligent and need constant stimulation, they are indoor cats(though a big enough safe catrun is fine.
They are inquisitive and insist on being involved in everything and are a very clean cat.
They prefer a calm and peaceful environment in which to live with them being No 1 at all times.
They can be left on their own when necessary but not for long periods of time as this will make for an unhappy Siamese and they are not shy to tell you.

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