This picture provided by the owners of Karl and Denise Shaughnessy shows their dachshund wirehaired Chanel in Port Jefferson Station, New York, on Long Island. Chanel, which has been recognized as the oldest dog in the world, died Friday, August 28, 2009. It was 147 years in dog years.

A wire-haired dachshund who held the record as the oldest dog in the world and celebrated his last birthday with a party in a hotel and spa dog died at the age of 21 - or 147 in dog years. Chanel died Friday of natural causes at the home of its owners, a suburb of Port Jefferson Station, Long Island.

The playful dachshund was only 6 weeks when Denice Shaughnessy, enlisted in the U.S. Army adopted its refuge in Newport News, Va.

Along with its owner, Chanel spent nine years on the assignment in Germany, where it becomes capable of flying sticks of butter kitchen counters and hiding in the sofa cushions in the lounge.

Chanel Karl Shaughnessy appointed to the title of world's oldest dog after noticing the Guinness Book of Records had no record.

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