Black black Mollies Fish
Black black Mollies Fish

Black Mollies fish very celebrated among the fish keepers and if you put a combination of Mollies in various colors like black and gold, they will make your days wonderfulFollow these simple tips and you will raise your black molly fish into beautiful .
Black Molly is a brackish fish. They must be kept in a tank with water which has some salt. The quantity of salt may not be very voluminous like normal saltwater but there has to be some salt required for them to exist.
There is no need to get worried about their compatibility with other species due to their salt requirement. There are other species which can sustain in such partly salty water.
You need to provide a lot of baby fish around the adults. If you keep a pair of a male and a female with no young ones around, they may not be pleasurable with the environment and may develop stress which may even result in their end.
You should put the fish in a tank with the water capacity of ten gallons or more. The fish will grow up to two inches over a period of time. If you want to keep a family of them in the tank, you should calculate the water capacity at two gallons per one inch of fish. So if the family consists of ten members, you can conserve them in a tank of 20-plus gallons.
The temperature of water
The temperature of water should be kept in the range of 75-85 degrees. You should insert a lighting system to provide sufficient light for them. They will usually require 6 hours of light every day. In that case, the temperature of the water will increase and the fish will get over-heated. Providing light for six hours will resemble their natural habitat.
Food for Black Molly
Black Mollies Fish are pleasant to eat the food you will provide to the other species in the aquarium. They are happy to eat live food equal brine shrimp or blood-worms, but you should not offer them live food very often.
This fish is peace-loving. So it will be satisfying to live with other species comfortably. It will not chase or hurt other fish in the tank. It does not have any territorial ambition, so it will swim around the tank joyfully with others without any stress.

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