discus fish
discus fish

Discus fish care is more than just the pH level of the water. It is also about where you will locate the aquarium, how to treat younger discus fish from older ones , when you will feed the fish...
Realistic plants are safer than plastic and they would provide shelter and vegetation for the fish rather than plastic ones. But you can also add some plastic designs if you want the aquarium to look more aesthetically pleasing.
Discus fish care has a lot to do with the type of habitat that you will provide for them. Remember that they would be residing inside it for the rest of their lives and you would want to make sure that the fish remain interested.
Discus fish are very intelligent. So you would want to place decors like rocks and driftwood, but before placing the rocks make sure that they do not contain ores or contaminants and that you keep rocks that have the same color and texture. Avoid using the colorful ones. Aside from that, you can also place sunken ships that they can play with and other decors that serve a purpose.
Moreover, you need to make sure that they have good filtration. The quality of the water needs to be checked every now and then and you should need a good filtration system to ensure that the fish would be in a healthy condition.
The three stages of water filtration must be fulfilled like the mechanical stage where in the water will be rid of floating debris and sediments. The next step would be biological where it would get rid of bacteria inside the water in order to make sure of an efficient discus fish care and the third process which is to make use of the chemical process where in the water can be filled with carbon in order to remove the impurities and keep the balanced state of the water.
The kind of filter that you will use will depend on the type of tank that you have. You can try using the display tanks. Use canister filters in order to make sure that the water will be clear and not nasty to look at. But if it will be a breeding tank, you would want to make use of an internal power filter as this has been proven to be good for them.
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Wilf said... @ 7/17/2013

It always makes me mad that people decide to have a pet without going into how much is it going to cost, how much work does it entail and how it will affect social life. Fish care is no exception. They do need lots of care and your article addresses this. Pet wannabe owners please do some research before committing.

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