1. Marine life has long been the source of fascination for many people who are water-lovers and
long for a peaceful, restive and calm environment that keeping an aquarium provides them.
However, keeping marine or fresh-water fish are 2 different passions that come with their own
set of rules as regards keeping these species in a home tank environment is concerned that
hobbyists need to educate themselves about. For example, marine tanks can boast tropical,
cold-water and exotic fish to sharks and stingrays but learning about their dietary habits and
needs is equally important in picking a home for them.

2. Knowing the category of fish i.e. saltwater or fresh water is essential to knowing the kind of
tank necessary to keep them in, where to place it (based on cleaning weekly or monthly and
accessibility needed for the same) it and what kind of plants one can put inside the aquarium.

3. Getting a wall mounted aquarium is a definitive style statement apart from being an
innovative way to display your Piscean Pals; these comes in many sizes and shapes from those
the size of a TV screen to huge walls containing the National Aquarium, Baltimore in Maryland.
It does require a certain skill level and time besides patience to do the job right, though but
being stylish home accents, wall mounted tanks are the in-thing.

4. The first step towards deciding on having a wall-mounted home aquarium is to determine
whether the walls of your home are study enough to take the weight of such an innovative fishkeeping
concept: strength of the walls will help you decide the size of wall studs to be used. If
possible, try to consider this at the time of laying the foundation of your home as only strong
walls can support the idea of a wall mounted fish tank.

5. You can consider hiring a professional services firm to install your wall mounted aquarium for
you so the headache of having cables, pumps and other paraphernalia underfoot is minimized
and a good job done. This is a considerably more costly option though as compared to a DIY
job for wall mounting an aquarium but preferable to investing time, money and effort you cannot
spare currently besides a way to transfer any gaffes onto the company the job is entrusted to,
should accidents happen or home repairs needed.

Wall mounted aquariums come with a host of distinct advantages as compared to the
conventional type of fish tanks that are fraught with hassles of cords and plugs getting underfoot
and require lesser degree of maintenance so home owners save valuable floor space, have
added safety from children upsetting the tank and the joy of having gay, colorful fish floating
along side them in a dream environment.

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