get a rabbit
reasons to get a rabbit

Keeping rabbits for pets is an amazing experience.if you're looking for a new addition to your household maybe it's time to  mak a bunny your new best pet ?, here are 4 reasons why It's good to get a rabbit.
First: Bunnies are very social
In the agrarian bunnies reside in warrens, or groups. There can be up to 40+ in a warren so your bun is acclimated to accepting company ,but apparently not their own bedroom. Rabbits crave interaction and if they are handled frequently and acclaim if they are little will consistently be happy to collaborate with you.
Second: They are easily litter trained
If you've heard they are hard to litter train then you've been mislead! Rabbits are naturally clean animals and provided you work with their natural instincts to keep clean you will have a toilet trained bun in no time.
Third: They love to play
Bunnies actually love to play. It doesn't get much better in life than watching a rabbit play. They hide, run, jump and throw their toys in sheer joy.
Bunnies even have a legendary 'jump for joy' called a binkie (or binky) which is where your bunny will jump in the air and twist at the same time. It is amazing to watch and a great sign that your bun is on top of the world.
Fourth: Rabbits form close bonds with their owners
Years ago rabbits were almost thought of as 'disposable' pets. That they lived outside and weren't really part of the family. Nowadays, particularly as more and more rabbits are becoming inside, house rabbits this isn't the case thankfully.
Owners are quickly realising that they can become very attached to their bunny in the same way they do for a dog or cat and find themselves just as devastated at the loss of a precious pet rabbit.
In fact rabbits are now the third most popular family pet after dogs and cats. It seems the world is finally cottoning on to how intelligent, fun and loving bunnies are.

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