A Koi pond can be one of the most beautiful things around your home. Furthermore, it can be a great source of relaxation. However, it is not relaxing or beautiful when you have algae buildup or failing equipment. To overcome these problems, all you have to do is maintain your pond using these simple tipsHere is a look at how to keep this beautiful wonder well maintained.
Check for Algae
Algae are one of the biggest nuisances in any Koi pond. Although they are indicators of a healthy pond, too much is never a good thing. Most owners are usually under the impression that proper tubing and high quality koi pond filtration systems and pond aerators are all they need for a clean and pure pond. They leave them on and stop worrying.
In essence, that is what it should be like. Unfortunately, you still have to check for algae every now and again. There are chances that your koi pond equipment is not properly removing algae. Despite the equipment, the algae may still be growing. Periodic checks for algae ensure that minimal algae ever grow. In the case of growth, you can take corrective actions at an early stage.
Regularly Maintain Your Pond Equipment
You may have installed pond aerators, pond pumps, lining and filters to keep your fish and pond alive. However, periodic maintenance is a crucial aspect of keeping your Koi fish alive and your Koi pond clean. If any piece of equipment breaks down or does not work efficiently, it can cause problems for both your koi fish and pond.
For example, your koi pond filtration systems may seem like they are working but they may not be filtering everything they should be. Your koi pond aerators may be dissolving oxygen into the water but may not be dissolving an adequate amount of oxygen. Regular maintenance assures that your equipment is working like it should. It also ensures that any problematic or even failing equipment is fixed as soon as possible.
Replace Broken or Split Rocks
One of the worst things you can have is a broken or split rock. Such places are exceptional for the optimum growth of algae. Furthermore, because you can't easily clean the algae from the split, algae will build up fast. Therefore, remove and replace any and all split or broken rocks when they appear.
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